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Welcome to the Home of the 624th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support).

The roots of the 624th began with the 244th Quartermaster Battalion, activated 24 June 1963 stationed in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. On 17 June 1965 the 244th Quartermaster Battalion was Inactivated (Deactivated), with personnel reassigned to the newly formed and activated units known as the 624th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support) and 625th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support).

Soon thereafter and on 25 August of 1965 the 624th Quartermaster Company (DS) was deployed to the Republic of Vietnam, assigned and stationed in Long Binh, Bien Hoa Province, III Corps.

It is assumed, that the 624th left CONUS (Continental United States) by Troop Ship*. As such, the unit would have arrived in Republic of Vietnam and assigned to Long Binh, Bien Hoa Province, III Corps on or about late September 1965.

*Per recent contact (September 2013 – SP5 Don Growe) The 624th QM Co (DS) arrived in RVN as a lone Comany aboard the “USS General A. W. Mann (AP 112)” The ‘Mann’ was scrapped in Taiwan November 1987.

Note: {The 624th’s sister Company; the 625th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support), redesignated (625th Supply and Service Company (DS) on 20 July 1966) was deployed to the Republic of Vietnam on 2 September 1965 and assigned and stationed in Quang Tri, Wunder Beach (Southeast of Base Camp Quang Tri) Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province, I Corps as a subordinate (attached to) 63rd Maintenance Battlion, 26th General Support Group, USASUPCOM, Da Nang, 1st Logistical Command. If the 625th arrived by Troop Ship, they would have arrived in RVN on or about early October 1965. The 625th served in Vietnam until 20 November 1972 – Inactivated}

The 624th Quartermaster Company (DS) was the first and lone Quartermaster Company (Direct Support) stationed in Long Binh as a Forward Supply entity.

On 20 July 1966 under a COSTAR Directive the 624th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support) was redesignated and reconstituted as the 624th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support)

The 624th Supply and Service Company remained in Long Binh for its entire tour of duty 1965 – 1972, excepting varied TDY activity by various Sections and or Platoons elsewhere for limited time periods.

Brief Summary Superior Commands in RVN:

September 1965 – Circa 28 February 1966 Subordinate of 185th Ordnance BN (M&S)*, 60th Ordnance Gp (M&S)*

* {Maintenance and Supply}

Circa 1 March 1966 – 30 June 1966 Subordinate of 185th Maintenance BN (DS)*, 60th Ordnance Gp (M&S)

* Formerly 185th Ordnance BN (M&S)

1 July 1966- 21 November 1972 Subordinate of 266th S&S BN (DS), 29th Gen Sup Gp – aka: ‘266th Composite Service Battalion Long Binh”

The 624th served in Vietnam ( 7 years 2 months)* until 21 November 1972 (inactivated)

*Includes time as 624th QM Co (DS)


National Defense Medal: issued beginning in 1967

Vietnam Campaign Medal w/Device: issued beginning 1967

Vietnam Service Medal: issued beginning 1967

Meritorious Unit Commendation: (Petroleum Platoon); For time period; 1 May 1966 – 15 December 1966 – {TDY with 64th Quartermaster, later “Petroleum” Battalion, Long Binh}

Meritorious Unit Commendation: For time period; 1 October 1966 – 15 December 1966

Meritorious Unit Commendation (Central Issue Facility): For time period 1 May 1969 – 30 September 1970

Meritorious Unit Commendation (Less Petroleum Platoon): For time period; 1 October 1970 – 30 April 1971

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm: – All US ARMY personnel: For time period; 1965-1973 (See Home Page 228th – Known Awards)

{All preceding awards while a subordinate of HHC 266th S&S BN (DS) in Long Binh}

Note 1: No further awards after 1971 are known.

Note 2: Individual awards; Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, Army Commendation Medal, Letters of Commendation, etc! are not addressed, but were awarded during the course of the Company tenure of duty 1965 – 1972

Note 3: It is not known whether Good Conduct Medals were issued to those enlisted rotating and completeing active service obligation in RVN … pending contact from personnel of varied time periods.

Note 4: The issue of Overseas Bars (1 verses 2 on DD214) applies to the 624th, the same as 228th and 506th prior to 1 June 1967.

Please enjoy your visit to the 624th Site. We are eager to hear from you, share experieces, photos, memoribilla, etc!

26 January 2013 – (ABN)


Francis Vincent Brodnik – SP4 E4 – CA – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Quartermaster Co (DS) – 25 February 1966 – age 23
Non Hostile – Accidental Homicide

Albert Charles Rising – SP4 E4 – NY – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Quartermaster Co (DS) – 28 March 1966 – age 22
Non Hostile – Other Causes

Robert Benjamin Nasser – SP4 E4 – CA – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Supply and Service Co (DS) – 4 November 1966 – age 21
Hostile – Enemy Mortar Fire – Tay Ninh Base Camp w/228th S&S Co (DS)

Walter Leo Starling – SP4 E4 – FL – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Supply and Service Co (DS) – 12 December 1968 – age 22
Non Hostile – Drowning/Suffocation

Joseph James Harper – SGT E5 – FL – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Supply and Servive Co (DS) – 12 April 1970 – age 41
Non hostile – Other Causes

Ollie Edward Crenshaw Jr. – SP4 E4 – TN – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Supply and Service Co (DS) – 29 March 1972 – age 23
Non Hostile – Other Causes

David Preston Shelton – PFC E3 – KY – (Vietnam Memorial Wall)
624th Supply and Service Co (DS) – 29 April 1972 – age 23
Non hostile – Other Causes – (Bien Hoa)

Donald R. Harding – SP4 E4 – NY
624th Supply and Service Co (DS) – Company and Battalion Generator Operator 1966-1967
October 1988 – age 43 – Massive Heart Attack – Per friend; Rich Mallory

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