History: 1971-72


Pending contact and participation by 228th and/or 91st Composite Service Battalion the following is offered as known to date.

The last known and documented evidence that the 228th S&S Co (DS) existed in RVN (see History 1971-1972) is with reference to the 228th being a subordinate unit of the DLSA HHD 48th Transportation Group (Provisional) and recommended for an MUC for time period 30 August 1970 – 31 December 1971….MUC not approved.

The 48th Transportation Group departed Vietnam 13 June 1972. This means all the assigned and attached units of the HHD 48th (unless organic to the 48th) more than likely were either reassigned, inactivated, and/or personnel from all subordinate units (non organic) may have been used as fill for other units not scheduled for immediate drawdown or departure from RVN. 

Research and Indications

However, [despite the above,] the following also applies for consideration:

At some point between February 1972 and before November of 1972 the 228th appears to have been “inactivated” and/or possibly reconstituted.

Per Order of Battle Listings in Book by Shelby Stanton the 228th was inactivated in February 1973 Republic of Vietnam.

The preceding (Order of Battle) is perplexing. The following are statements offered by three separate individuals of the time period.

1) The 228th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) was reconstituted as the 228th Supply and Combat Company in February 1972 – Can Tho and Binh Thuy area of Delta….Note: This cannot be true, as by February 1972-June 1972 the 228th S&S Co (DS) is a subordinate unit of 48th Transportation Group (Provisional) in IV Corps.

2) The 228th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) was “reassigned” and became a subordinate of the 91st Supply and Service Composite Battalion…Note: This might be true, but had to have occurred prior to February 1972, possibly August 1970 – February 1972

3) The 228th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) was absorbed into the 91st Composite Service Battalion,aka: 91st Combined Service Battalion and/or 91st Composite (Combat) Battalion….Note: Possibly, but no evidence supports the matter.

Research indicates the following:

The 91st Composite Service Battalion was formed in either late January or early February 1969 north of Can Tho and Binh Thuy area of the Delta. It had 4 seemingly distinct name changes between 1969 and 1973, they being: 91st Composite Service Battalion, 91st (Combat) Service Battalion, 91st Combined Service Battalion and at “drawdown” November 1972  were known as both the 91st Composite Service Battalion and 91st Combined Service Battalion. Of substantial interest, is the fact, that at drawdown the 228th S&S Co (DS) is not mentioned as a subordinate or part of the 91st. Yet, listed in the very next paragraph is the drawdown of the HHC 266th Composite Service Battalion (formerly HHC 266TH Supply and Service Battalion – Direct Support) of which, the 624th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) is a definitive subordinate….the 624th being a sister Company of the 228th in Long Binh since 1966 and reconstituted on 20 July 1966 from 624th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support) to 624th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) along with 506th and others per written History (1966-1967). This finding might mean, that the 624th S&S Co (DS) was the longest, if not one of the longest serving Direct Support Companies in Vietnam.

Note: Recent findings indicate that the 624th left Vietnam (inactivated) 12, November 1972 

From the preceding it is assumed, that the 506th S&S Co (DS) must have been inactivated prior to November 1972….Note: Recent findings indicate 506th left Vietnam (inactivated) June 1972. Of further interest, and a recent finding, is that the 228th S&S Co (DS) at “Drawdown” is listed as a subordinate unit of the 48th Transportation Group (Provisional) operating in IV Corps. The 228th is among the subordinate units of the 48th that had been recommended for an MUC. Higher chain of command structures were not in agreement with this recommendation as the 48th Transportation had included itself. This point became moot, as the 48th Transportation Group (Provisional) was deactivated and departed Vietnam on or about June of 1972.

Of interest, is what became of the 228th? At deactivation of 48th Transportation Group (Provisional) the 228th is not listed as part of the unit (attached or assigned). To further complicate matters, Shelby Stanton “Order of Battle” indicates that the 228th was not “inactivated” until  February 1973 in Republic of Vietnam…Research continues.

Submitted by:

A. B. Neighbor  18 February 2012… Updated 24 February 2013