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Since, the site’s moderator is no longer with us, the forum is closed. The site will continue to be available to provide the history, galleries, and more. Thank you for your participation.


11 January 2018

As a new year begins, the following will give a sense of the activity regarding this Website since 2005:

There have been over 700,000 views/hits to the Website.

There have been nearly 1,700 applicants for an account in order to reply to, or post new messages. The vast bulk of these requests were blocked, as they were either spammers, advertisers, hackers, or persons unidentifiable. The bulk of these emanated from China, Russia, Germany, France.


There have been nearly 200 Contacts regarding questions or statements unrelated to the Website itself. However, all questions have been answered to the best of administrations ability.

A number who requested an account and were approved to utilize the Message Board have not done so for reasons only they know or could explain.


23 March 2017, Part 2

Many additional photographs have been added within 506th Gallery (Courtesy of then LT J. Parker), specifically B1 – B4 1966-1967. LT Parker came to B Company, 266th QM BN (DS) from 4th ID, Fort Lewis, WA. He remained with Company up to 20 July 1966 where in Long Binh, War Zone C, III Corps he was reassigned to the redesignated 506th S&S Co, (DS), where he remained for the remainder of his tour. 


Although not recorded by 266th or 29th General Support Group reporting, LT Parker was sent as a forward FSA contingent OIC with approximate 30+ enlisted to Long Giao (Xuan Loc)- (Blackhorse) in support of 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in September 1966 … the main contingent and remainder of 506th S&S Co (DS) not arriving in same local until January 1967.

23 March 2017, Part 1

Contact made from former Commander of 91st Composite Battalion with documentation. 228th S&S Co (DS) was ‘inactivated’ in Republic of Vietnam by mid March 1973.


The 91st and 228th being two units who were the very last to leave Vietnam, drawdown of all US Forces having been nearly completed by December of 1972 … Note: aka: Can Tho Logistical Supply Area (Provisional).


31 May 2016

An Anniversery:

50 years ago to the day, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Company A and B, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Suppot) boarded the USNS Nelson M. Walker, Tacoma, Washington , departed CONUS for deployment in the Republic of Vietnam.


Also, in terms of time periods, the 506th and 624th QM Co (DS) also mark a half century (50 years +) anniversary some six to seven months earlier … see 506th and 624th Website pages.


January – December 2015

No change


14 October 2014

Photos have been added to 506th Site B4 1966-1967. They reflect photos taken in Fort Lewis Washington, Company B, 266th QM BN (DS), with travel aboard USNS General Nelson M. Walker, Long Binh up to October 1966, followed by other photos of 506th S&S Co (DS) the outfit to whom then 2nd LT Parker had been transferred to in Long Binh and remained with to late May of 1967.


A narrative via ‘Contact’ has been submitted and posted in 624th S&S Co (DS) 1965-66, as well as photographs in ‘Gallery 65-66’ section of 624th. Well worth the read and viewing, as both reflect Long Binh in the earliest stages, when there was virtually nothing and the 624th QM Co (DS), later 624th S&S Co (DS) was the first FSA (Forward Supply Area) and virtually a ‘lone’ unit north of Saigon.

10 October 2014

A ‘Contact’ message was received written to Darrell Martin covering 1969-1970. Since Darrell passed in July 2013, the message was received by Administration by default. The message being yet another compliment is worth a posting and appreciated, the sender choosing not to create a ‘user’ account, or use of Message/Forum Board.


The message is as follows:

“I very much enjoyed the photo gallery from 1969-70. I was with the 1st Cav.Div. 2/20 ARA at Tay Ninh and we would visit the (228th) POL area, ammo dump area and the water tower several times a week. Great pictures, sure brought back memories…JOB WELL DONE”

James Duszynski

6 October 2014

An updated newer module application has been installed which allows authenticated users to be notified when a new message or reply to an existing message has been posted within the Message Board/Forum in real time. Clicking on the link provided allows direct viewing of message or reply posted.


Possible new material, photographs and or written submissions may (might) be posted within 506th and 624th sites, covering 1966-1967 time period within the near or long term future per four individual contact messages received within the preceding 12 months.

31 May 2014

On this date 48 years ago to the day, HQ and HQ Company, Company A and Company B, 266th QM BN (DS) boarded the USNS General Nelson M. Walker at the port of Tacoma Washington …


departing the Contenintal United States that evening for deployment to Republic of Vietnam and a one year tour of duty.

3 April 2014

A reply to message posted by H. Daniels regarding 140th HEM Co. Long Binh, has been posted in Message Board.

11 February 2014

No changes

9 January 2014

Added descriptives to first 45 photos Gallery A4, 228th, 1966-67.

1 January 2014

Process of adding descriptives to nearly 400 photos provided by SP4 Roy M. Dietz has begun in 228th Gallery A4 – A9. For the most part I can remember most names, locations, and approximate time periods. There are some individuals I cannot remember with accuracy. If you see yourself and/or an identifcation or descriptive is incorrect, please notify via Contact Section 1966-67. Thanks.


60 more photos with descriptives have been added to 506th Gallery B3 1966-67

HAPPY NEW YEAR from former 228th/506th/624th S&S Co (DS) Officers and Enlisted.


27 December 2013

Contact has been established with 551st Light Maintenance Company (Direct Support) Website. The 551st and a section of 506th S&S Co (DS) convoyed together to Long Giao/Xuan Loc/BLACKHORSE from Long Binh in October 1966 to establish an FSA in support of 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. The 551st is seeking help in building their Website, as there is very little online regarding the Company. Any 506th S&S Co (DS) folks (or other) who can share data and or photos regarding 551st would be appreciated.


The 551st Light Maintenance Company (DS) Website address is:, see “Links” section, or perform Google or other search. There are some early photos posted at 551st site showing Class III (POL) section of 506th S&S Co, as well as BLACKHORSE area 1966 forward.

25 December 2013


4 December 2013

Photographs totaling nearly 170 (to date) have been posted in 506th Gallery B1 and B2 by ‘then’ 1LT Jerry Parker and ‘then’ 1LT Paul Walker covering 506th S&S Co (DS) move from Long Binh to Xuan Loc area beginning in October 1966 to set up Class I and other FSA activity in support of 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, aka: Blackhorse.


Terrific photographs of convoy route, terrain, maps, set up at Blackhorse main Base Camp and other as seen by land and air 1966 -1967. Note: The group from 506th S&S Co (DS) convoyed to Blackhorse area with 551st Light Maintenance Company.

27 November 2013

Nearly 400 photographs have been posted in 228th 1966-67 Gallery A-4 through A-9 of 228th Supply Platoon TDY at Bien Hoa AFB July 66 – September 66, Saigon River Port area, Tay Ninh 228th Class I area October 66- May 67,


Company area, R&R Hong Kong and other, as submitted by then SP4 Roy M. Dietz ; Quartermaster Supply Specialist. Descriptives of location, names and approximate month/year to follow where known.

14 November 2013

Photographs are presently being posted in 506th S&S Co (DS) Website – “Gallery 1966-1967 – B1” of Long Binh and Xuan Loc Blackhorse area of 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment} by former Class I OIC; 1LT Jerry Parker of 506th S&S Co (DS) 1966-1967.

31 October 2013

New Message posted by Perryman 727 regarding 569th QM Company (Composite) who had also been posted to Long Binh on or about January 1966.


Unit subsequently “inactivated” with personnel reassigned to other existing units within and about relatively small cantonement area of Long Binh, on or about, if not prior to 20 July 1966.

23 October 2013

Added data to Homepage of 506th S&S Co (DS) – Superior Command Listing with “Note”.

Added artistic rendition “Convoy From Cu Chi to Tay Ninh” by William Linzee Prescott; a WWII Vet who had been invited by General Westmoreland to RVN in 1967 to portray varied scenes of the War.


Rendition obtained from back cover of 2014 Calander provided by National Museum of the US Army and further forwarded for posting by COL. B.A.Kuster (Retired) … See Memoribilla Section 1966-1967, last entry.

Fellow 506th & 624th S&S Co (DS) soldier who revisited Vietnam has returned. In near future his intent is to share photos taken (Saigon, Long Binh, Tan Heip, Bien Hoa, Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, Xuan Loc and other).

28 September 2013

One of our brother soldiers active in Website and assigned to 624th and 506th S&S Companies 1966-1967 left for a return trip and visit to Republic of Vietnam. He arrived safely, and has booked a number of tours. To date (28 September) he has revisited present day Bien Hoa, Long Binh, Tan Hiep areas where the 624th, 506th, 228th all were first assigned and operated.


Yesterday he visited Xaun Loc/Long Giao area( 506th S&S FSA), and also located former 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment area aka: BLACKHORSE. Today he is visiting the Delta area, with tomorrow bringing a trip to Cu Chi and Tay Ninh (228th FSA). He has taken still photos and video, some of which he has shared as his trip progresses. Upon return, his intention is to first edit and then post such updates within this Website, and/or by separate Link.

31 August 2013

Additional data and information via continued research added (in blue) under History section 1966 – 1967 Part A, updates Engineering efforts in Tay Ninh West base camp … in particular those provided by Company B, 588th Engineer Battalion in support of Tay Ninh West Base Camp, … November 1966 through January 1967.


Heretofore, it had always been assumed that Engineering efforts in Tay Ninh West base camp had always been provided by 175th Combat Engineers of 196th LIB. This Quarterly Report data indicates otherwise, and clearly defines specific activity accomplished that was benificial to operations of the 228th S&S Co (DS) in its support mission.

13 June 2013

No changes have been added, other than updating additional data on 506th S&S Co (DS) Home Page.

14 May 2013

No changes of substance have been added. For those interested in numbers, the following applies:

Since full upgrade of Website (some months ago) views have increased by some 11,000. Of that 11,000 there have been 1,000+ applications to create a user account in order to post or reply to messages. Of those 1,000, a handfull have been legitimate.


Of those few approved, none have posted and/or replied to existing messages within the Message Section, although they have the ability to do so. Research and tracking reports indicate that the time spent per view varies from a few seconds to less than two minutes per view. It is suspected, that most of these hits (views) are related to both the 506th and 624th S&S Co (DS) subsite sections, which at present are for the most part “Pending” and with little or no content.

9 April 2013

A newsletter has been sent to all authorized users with instruction as to restablishing authenticated accounts to allow for posting and/or reply within message/forum board. The same holds true for authorized Editors regarding postings within varied menu sections. Since activation of recently upgraded site, views per day have again been climbing. In addition, the number of non legitimate persons seeking an account has increased concurrently. These folks (with nothing better to do) continue to be blocked with their applications for an account reviewed, canceled and removed, as in the previous site.


In the meantime, both the 506th and 624th Supply and Service Company (DS) Home-Pages have been established as active sub sections within the 228th Site and are ready for input from varied past Officers and Enlisted of the two brother Companies. One submission covering 1966-1967 History has been submitted and posted in 624th S&S (DS), with photos to follow in the very near future.

10 March 2013

Review of those who legitimately applied for an account in order to post and/or reply to messages has been accomplished. Those who have or had been approved, contacted and welcomed remain in that status whether they decided to post and/or reply to a message(s) or not.


The remaining 750+ web crawlers, advertisers, and other who have attempted access, remained in a blocked status — their individual applications removed and deleted as of this date.

In the very near future a “one time notice”, akin to a Newsletter will be sent via the 228th Website to all present day approved users notifying them of the new updated Website.

13 January 2013

Added 5 more photographs to Memoribilla 1966-1967: Timex Self Winding Watch purchased 1965 – Watch sitting atop last {of my} US Army issued Towels – Three US Army issued Belt Buckles 1965 -1967 ( US Meyer Inc, New York, US PTD and US RAU) – Orginal Metal Capped Lid of Brasso Metal Polish purchased 1965 Fort Ord (1/4 full) – Bulova 14 Transistor AM/FM Switch Band Radio (Front and Rear) $89.99 Purchased Long Binh, RVN July 1966….All still viable, used every so often and work perfectly as of this date and year 2013.


Used Brasso to polish Belt Buckles. Listen to Ballgames on Radio when outside present day domicile working. Use Timex quite often, as it keeps on ticking. Keeps perfect time after some 46 years of use, including Vietnam. The US Meyer Belt Buckle issued during Basic Training 1965. Design was changed soon thereafter, hence the two other Belt Buckles (1 issued the other purchased for inspection purposes). All three Solid Brass and US ARMY issue. All three used on occasion with a 1″ leather belt when fishing or hunting for last 46 years.


3 November 2012

Six new present day (2012) photos posted in Memoribilla 1966-1967 (Last Page) of following:

(1) First year of issue in Tay Ninh West Base Camp – “Boots, Combat Tropical” Size 9 Regular – February 1967. Cleaned of 45+ years of dirt, grime, dust and polished {excepting front sole groves, which have original laterite and Tay Ninh dirt}. Also, unused ID Tag for Fatigues, Dog Tags with ever handy US Kay 1961 P38 Can Opener for C-Rations.

(2) KIWI Shoe Polsh Tin {outside, inside, backside} purchased in Long Binh July 1966 – $ .29. Also used to reshine Boots in November 2012.


(3) Original Footlocker {sans inside tray} issued Fort Lewis Washington August 1965 – Stenciled for shipment in May 1967, along with deteriorated packing and shipping lables Tan Son Nhut to Travis AFB, then to Parents Home.

(4) Original issue Canvas Duffle Bag 1965, Fort Ord, CA – Name and Service # still in evidence. Used as Laundry Bag for over 45 years.

10 October 2012

Coming soon:

(1) Within the next 60 to 90 days the 228th Website will be upgraded. As part of this Upgrade a dedicated subsection(s) akin to the 228th Menu selections shall be available for both the 506th S&S Company (DS) and 624th S&S Company (DS), where each unit can write about, post photos and the like.

Put simply: The 506th and 624th shall each have a Home contained within the 228th Main Website as “Sub-Sites”

Both companies arrived separately in Long Binh in late 1965. The 624th Quartermaster Company (DS) first, followed by the 506th Quartermaster Company (DS) about two months later. Both companies had a TO&E the same as Company B, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (DS), who arrived in Long Binh July of 1966.

The History of both Companies is unique in many respects.

As a teaser:

The “506th Quartermaster Company” was formed and activated in 1958 in Germany. The (DS) designation {Direct Support} was added per COSTAR directive of 1961 with a radical change in TO&E. The 624th Quartermaster Company (DS) was formed and activated in June of 1965 in Fort Campbell Kentucky.


Both “Quartermaster companies Direct Support” under a new COSTAR directive dated 20 July 1966 became “Supply and Service Companies – Direct Support” on 20 July 1966 in Long Binh, RVN.


(2) There have been over 700 requests for an authorized account in order to post or reply to messages. Initially there had been a glitch of some sort for a number of months, with all problems rectified since May 2012. A good number who apply for and receive approval to post do not do so thereafter….the reason(s) unknown.

On occasion, an error in judgement by administration occurs as to whom should or should not be approved. This appears to be minimal in nature and correction made when recognized.

Administration encourages the use of Message Board as much as possible by authorized users. If a message is posted and there is no reply by others, it seems somewhat useless to have a message board to begin with. Further, if an approved user has authorization to post and/or reply to messages, and does not do so at all, then why bother applying for an account?…….. Just indicating what appears to be taking place for a number of months.