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Company A, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Support) - 1966-67

A Curiosity:

If you were assigned to Company A, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Support), boarded the USNS General Nelson M. Walker 31 May 1966 Port of Tacoma, arrived in Republic of Vietnam some 3 weeks later, and "inactivated" on 20 July 1966, what was your new unit designation or new unit of assignment? Research suggests, that Company A, 266th offloaded in Qui Nonh 22 June 1966, while HHC 266th, and Company B, 266th Quartermaster BN (DS) offloaded at Vung Tau further south on 23 June 1966. Further research suggests, that Company A, 266th was "inactivated" on 20 July 1966 as was Company B, 266th (located in Long Binh, RVN). 

It is thought or suspected (not proven and the reason for this post) that on 20 July 1966 inactivation, Company A, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (DS) might have been re-designated, and/or activated as one of the following supply entities: 163rd Supply Company (General Support) in Saigon -- 221st Supply Company (Direct Support) in Chu Lai -- the 226th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) in Tuy Hoa -- the 229th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) in Long Binh -- or last, the 463rd Supply Company (General Support) in Qui Nonh. 

These five listed Supply unit entities are the only other Company Supply level units "activated" specifically in Vietnam on 20 July 1966 (per Order of Battle and COSTAR Directive), and who have no Stateside (CONUS) designation of origin.....the same as Company B, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (DS), which originated in Fort Lewis, Washington...and was "inactivated" on 20 July 1966 Long Binh, RVN, and became ("activated") as the 228th Supply and Service Company (Direct Support) the same date.

Of the five entities listed, it is doubtful that 163rd Supply Company (GS) was formerly Company A, 266TH QM BN (DS). The same holds true for the 229th S&S Co (DS), leaving the remaining three Companies formed as distinct possibilities, they being; 221st S&S Co (DS), 226th S&S Co (DS) or 463rd Supply Company (GS). It would seem, that the 221st and 226th S&S Co (DS) units have the most probable possibility, but there are no proofs to establish the matter.

Note:  HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company) 266th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Support) was re-designated as HHC 266th Supply and Service Battalion (Direct Support) in Long Binh, 20 July 1966, their origin stated as Fort Lewis, Washington, per Order of Battle listings. 

Any data or information regarding what became of Company A, 266th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Support) on 20 July 1966 would be appreciated. 

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Company A, 266th Quartermaster BN (DS) in Vietnam
Although answering mine own question somewhat, a recent find on Internet regarding an application for PTSD references Company A, 266th in RVN. It is the only reference that the Company ever existed (1963-1966)* *Exception: Per Quartermaster records referencing 266th QM BN (DS) it is annotated, that Company A and B, 266th QM BN (DS) were "inactivated" in Vietnam. Otherwise: The person states he was assigned to Company A, 266th in Fort Lewis, WA, arrived in RVN by Troop Ship and had been assigned to Company A, 266th from June - August 1966, but does not state where. He was then transferred to an S&S Company which engaged in convoy duties in and around War Zone D ... mainly between Vung Tau and Bearcat area. The review board did not confirm units of assignment by either Morning Report(s) or 201 File, but did confirm DD214 of assignment to second unit. Order of Battle does not list Company A, 266th QM BN (DS) as serving in RVN. Nor does it list Company B. On 20 July 1966 per COSTAR Directive Company B, 266th QM BN (DS) was "inactivated" in Long Binh ... the bulk of personnel transferred into newly "activated" 228th S&S Co (DS). In theory, this "inactivation" should have applied to Company A as well. Yet, here is a statement (online) by an individual stating he was assigned to Company A in RVN June - August of 1966 and then reassigned to another unit. As such, no realistic answer to the open question of what happened to Company A, 266th QM BN (DS) has been answered. But, this reference (and the only one) to the Company does exist and complicates the matter further. The PTSD application was denied. However, the applicant was awarded additional ribbons and medals which were missing from his DD214 ... they being: Good Conduct Medal Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w/Palm 2nd Overseas Bar One additional Bronze Star (total of three) representing participation in three separate Counteroffensives during his tour of duty (31 May 1966 - 25 May 1967) In short, it is now suspected, that perhaps Company A, 266th QM BN (DS) was not "inactivated" until August 1966, with all unit personnel (Officers and Enlisted) reassigned into other existing units throughout Vietnam. This supposition is based on the fact, that there is simply no record (online), Order of Battle, or otherwise regarding Company A ... excepting this one application for PTSD status.
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221st and 226th S&S Companies (DS)
Recent contact via the Website by a retired CWO3 and presently a Vice Commander in American Legion was most helpful in eliminating two suspected possibilities related to what became of Company "A" 266th QM BN (DS). Aboard the General USNS General Nelson M. Walker, who had boarded the Walker at Hunters Point, S.F. California from Fort Riley Kansas prior to 31 May 1966 had been HHC, Company A and Company B, 96th QM BN (DS). Leaving San Francisco Bay. the Walker next arrived at the port of Tacoma, Washington, where HHC, Company A, and Company B 266th QM BN (DS) boarded the WALKER. HHC, Company A and B 96th QM BN (DS) offloaded at Cam Rahn Bay, the first stop of the WALKER in RVN. On 20 July 1966 under COSTAR Directive Company A and B were "inactivated" .... Company 'A' became the 221st S&S Co (DS) with a primary duty location of Chu Lai. Company 'B' became the 226th S&S Co (DS) with a primary duty station of Tuy Hoa. The 221st remained in Vietnam until 1968. The 226th remained in Vietnam until 1971. Both units were awarded an MUC...the 221st for time period 20 July 66 - 1 June 1967. The 226th for time period 25 July 1969 - 31 March 1970. This knowledge eliminates two units annotated in the initial posting as possibilities of what became of Company 'A' 266th QM BN (DS) in July 1966, Republic of Vietnam. Thanks to Dale Heilgenthal CWO3 221st S&S Company for this update.