Miscellaneous Photos 69-70

Following the first photo, first page by SP4 Eckhardt Clausen are photos provided by SP4 Richard Haffey of 440th Transportation Company (TT) - {Terminal Transfer} Detachment stationed in Vinh Long, Bien Thuy, Can Tho Delta area IV Corps, where 228th was reassigned in late 1970. Rick (Richard Haffey) requested his photos be posted on 228th Website as he had no other place he wished to share online. The 440th Transportation Company (Terminal Transfer) was a subordinate unit of 159th Transportation Battalion on arrival in Vietnam, stationed in IV Corps, Vinh Long and Binh Thuy area, Mekong Delta in 1969- 1972. At some point during this time period (1969-1970), the 440th (possibly the 159th too) became subordinate to 48th Transportation Group, a subordinate of 4th Transportation Command. In addition, and at some point in time (1969-1970), the 440th Transportation Company (TT) and Ricks Detachment were also a subordinate of 91st Composite Battalion who was a subordinate of 29th General Support Group, a subordinate of 1st Logistical Command...the same as 228th S&S Co (DS) by August 1970 when reassigned to IV Corps* *By 1972 (possibly sooner) the 228th S&S Co (DS) had somehow been reassigned from 91st Composite Battalion to become a subordinate unit of 48th Transportation Group at drawdown in 1972....approximately on or about mid to late February 1972, as 91st Composite was in process of Draw Down. By November 1972 the 48th Transportion Group was in process of Draw Down with most subordinate units inactivated in RVN or returned to CONUS. Apparantly the 228th was not. The 228th had not been inactivated (with 91st or 48th), but reassigned once again (superior unknown - under research), as per Shelby Stanton 'Order of Battle', the 228th was not inactivated in RVN until 1973....most other units having been deactivated or returned to CONUS during 1972. Especial thanks to Richard (Rick) for sharing his photos, as virtually no contact or sharing of photos has been made by former 228th folks of the Vinh Long, Binh Thuy, and Can Tho area of IV Corps 1970-1972 - Thanks again Rick ... ABN November 2012