The sole purpose of this website is to inform, educate and provide a place for members of the 228th and associated companies (1966 -1972/3) to connect. We ask for your contact information when "Creating an Account" to sort out the spammers. We are sorry for the inconvenience but that is one of the realities of the web in this day and age.

Put simply:

To post a message within the "Forum - Message Board"  section, you must first: ....... Create an Account (free) and follow all instructional prompts. (See below - Steps to create an account for detail). 

Any stories, written material, photographs, etc! you might wish to share or submit for posting ... Please use the "Contact" section for appropriate year and time frame.


Steps to create a new account on this site

  1. Click on the link below to request a new account (free).
  2. Fill out the form where it asks for a username, email, password and some information about yourself to identify how you are connected with the 228th. You can simply be a friend but we do ask so that we have enough information to make an intelligent decision about giving you access to the message board. (We have had a lot of spammers - so that is why we are doing this.) Please write down your username and password so that you can refer to it later when you need to log in. Note: It is helpful to provide name, rank at the time, unit assigned or attached to, job function, location and year when and where you served along with a short message (looking for someone, have a question, or other) in the Identifier portion. 
  3. Once you fill in the information above, select an Avatar from the images provided or upload your own and then fill out the CAPTCHA portion. Note: An Avatar is optional.
  4. Now that all of the information has been filled in please press the "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" button at the bottom of the form.
  5. The system will send a message to the 228th administrator and he will look over the account request and either grant you access or not. He will send an email to you letting you know if you have been granted access. Note: This e-mail (if access granted) will take place within 24 to 72 hours.  
  6. After you receive your confirmation please use the same username and password that you created in step 2 above in the "USER LOGIN" area at the bottom of the menu listing on the left.
  7. Once logged in you will be able to post or reply in the message section. Note:  If account is not used admin may withdraw authorization to post within message board after a reasonable time period has elapsed

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Thank you for bearing with us and enjoy the site.